The Poetry of Light

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Sunlight - invisible, but not.
Reflecting, glittering, and glowing.

Long-reaching shadows of indigo and azure, cool and precise, lying on a brilliant expanse of snow, rhythmically changing partners as the sun steps across the sky.

Pulsating rays, fiery orange and radiant magenta, illuminates all within its sight like an ember in the fire.

Soft on velvet paws, the fog creeps its way into the valley, shrouding the trees with dusky cloaks of pearly gray.

Light and the absence of light has always fascinated me. The interplay between light and dark provides an endless source of inspiration and stimulation. Patterns are created, sometimes in poetic symmetry and other times in chaotic abandon. Brilliant hues meet, mix, and separate as light bounces and leaps from surface to surface, forming mysterious pockets of shadow. The natural world, with its infinite diversity of textures and shapes, offers an endless playground of choices for sunlight to dance. A kaleidoscope of color, ranging from muted to high volume, delivers the final step before the brush hits the paper.

I work with both watercolor and acrylic to capture the elusive nature of sunlight. Through the use of successive glazing of transparent pigment, I am able to create the mood and ambiance of a particular time of day or night. As the painting progresses, I preserve 'bits and pieces' of every layer of color. These 'bits and pieces' will, in the end, mimic the reflection of light hitting the numerous bends and turns of a field of grass, leaves on a branch, or the facets of a rock cliff. The same technique can be used to achieve an expansive landscape, or a micro view of the center of a flower.

May 2007